Cartoon Signs In Japan - Part 1

Here's a few photos from my trip to Japan. There are cute cartoon characters on almost everything, and they're everywhere... 
I spotted this electric salamander mascot for a power company in Nishiogikubo.

Lots of warning signs about the dangers of using cell phones near train tracks.

A sign at Himeji Castle (see above also). This one is offering guides to show you around for ¥2000 (NZD$30).

In Kyoto, don't run over any kids playing in the area.

A very cool poster outside the pop-culture megastore Mandarake, Nakano Broadway.

Outside the Nakano train station, the bird is saying he doesn't want to be fed (such lies.)

Stop hustling customers into your bars in Shinjuku.

Please clean up after your dog makes a mess in Kyoto.

Shinjuku, no smoking in public (I think).
More to come... 

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