Wow Cool Distribution

Princess Seppuku is currently being distributed in the US by the mega distro site Wow Cool, (and through selected stores). If you're looking to buy a copy of Robot-X or The Lower Depths and you're looking for a discount, this is the place to get it. There's a huge collection of great alternative and underground comics, the  only way to save the economy is by spending up large.

Link to Wow Cool's blog
Link to Wow Cool shop

Pippa Creme Commissioned Art

This Pippa Creme cartoon was commissioned by the creator Dexter Cockburn, go check out other versions of his big boobed heroine by notably cartoonists HERE with Johnny Ryan's one being an outstanding masterpiece!

Princess Seppuku Walk Cycle Test

Post #200! Here's a walk cycle test (with an emphasis on test) I made about a year ago, the design is slightly different to the current Princess Seppuku, the cape is too short, the sword should be on her left hip and their should be a cord attached from her belt, the hair pins are also too long, I also think her head is too big. I tried making an animated GIF version but it came out all chunky and shitty, but it's on my tumblr blog if you want to take a look and providing this Flash version works you should be able to see it above. It's all in an effort to produce an animated Princess Seppuku short.

2012 Round Up

Pikitia Press has been interviewing Australian and New Zealand cartoonists about how their 2012 went and what to look forward to next year. My interview is HERE. It's a great little series, read them all.