New Princess Seppuku Blog

I've created a new blog for my latest comic 'Princess Seppuku'. For now it's limited access to a select few while I build up the site...

FOT and Angus - Episode 8

Here's the final episode of FOT. Will there be more? Who knows...

Animated ComicBook Factory Logo - Update

I've finally had some time to fix the pony tail following through and dropped in some sound effects. Does it need music? Almost finished...

Failed Jimmy Rickets Comic - Page 5 / 5

This is also ends a run of new blog posts everyday, I think I'll cut it back to every second day, see how that works for the next month, hopefully with some fresh NEW material.

Failed Jimmy Rickets Comic - Page 1 / 5

Have posted this before? I can't remember... It's another cartoon abortion, this time with little Jimmy Rickets. Intended for the Fantagraphics Hotwire anthology #2 but never did the clean up and colouring.

Fot and Angus - Episode 6

A slight intermission between the rest of the Connie Radar panels (resuming tomorrow), to plug the new Fot and Angus cartoon via Mondomedia. A fun little episode...

Failed Connie Radar #001 / 2

My scanner is too small to do an A3 page so I figure I'll just carry on posting the individual panels day by day...

Failed Connie Radar #001 / 1

This is the first panel of an old Connie Radar comic strip I failed to finish, one of many. This one from 2007, was intended to be a 100 page graphic novel and I stopped on page 2. What may be a smarter idea would be to make a book of aborted comics, I have more than enough pages of those. I'll get around to scanning the full pages to this comic soon.

The ComicBook Factory - Animated Logo

Here's an animated logo I've been working on. It was animated in Flash and After Effects, took about 4 days. I think it needs sound but I kind of like it silent too.

Gone Fishing - Storyboard Part 1

Here's an early draft of the Fot and Angus "The Big Catch" episode (currently on Mondomedia's Youtube channel), it's always interesting to note how much gets changed in the recording booth, thanks in no small part, to the talented Mr Darby.

Sketch Book Fun

This is concept art for another of the main characters in the short film, it's great fun to stick to one design and repeat, all sorts of interesting variations start to emerge.

Short Film - Pre-production

I've started on a new short film which I'll post about from time to time. So far the script (which is nothing more than a list of sequences) is written and I'm in the middle of storyboarding and character design. I'm expecting it to be about two minutes total length and should take me about a year to complete depending how much 'real' work gets in the way.
Here's some concept art for one of the main characters, a little thug...

At the moment he's still a generic stock character, I'm pretty sure he'll evolve into something very different by the time it's animated, looks a little too Happy Tree Friends crossed with the Big Boy Burgers mascot. Anyway, the main inspiration comes from this video I remember seeing when I was about 13, it's still awesome...

Animating for Commercials

It was not a field either Walt or Roy were happy to be in. Their reasoning was sound. We didn't own the characters we produced for other companies; there was absolutely no residual value. Worse, we were at the whim of the client; at each stage of production we had to twiddle our thumbs and await approval before we could venture on to the next step
- Harry Tytle (Disney producer)

From the book Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation by Amid Amidi.

Fot and Angus - Episode 4

I haven't posted in some time but I'll try to get back into doing so.
The Underworld cartoons are almost done, I'm still working on the last one for this batch, should be done in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile Fot and Angus are doing well over on Mondomedia's channel, we're hoping it does well enough to enable us to create more. And another animation project is underway but more about that one next time...

Sketch of the Day #002

I did this while waiting for Alex to finish up in a meeting, he kept me waiting for almost 45 minutes (so inconsiderate) so I went and had lunch without him, lucky for him he knew where I like to eat so he turned up after my first sip of coffee. I started on one head and just repeated it seeing the way each came out slightly different.

Orginal Artwork For Sale

I've made some changes to the main ComicBook Factory website, the best part is I've added a page for selling some of the original artwork. Very affordable for now, don't miss out!

Click HERE to view the artwork page.

Animated Underworld #9 - Teddy Trouble

Another 30sec animated Underworld completed. Hope you like it...
Click the picture or try this link