Faction Review

Here's a new review of the NZ comic anthology Faction at The Weekly Crisis, it covers books 1-3 and dedicates a mini-review for every contribution. This is the write up for my four page Connie Radar comic --

“Connie Radar” by Karl Wills
CeeJay: I enjoyed “Connie Radar.” I’d even go as far as to say that it’s probably the second best segment of the entire anthology. One part “Tintin,” one part “Blondie” and one part “The Thing” (at least in terms of setting),  “Radar” was longer than a few of the others but a swift read nonetheless. I liked her lo-fi cyborg sidekick as well. 
Nevin: More than any other piece in this anthology, “Connie Radar” has that Sunday comicstrip feel to it. The art style and interactions also remind me of “Blondie” but straight black and white with the coloring. This is one of the better additions to the anthology, and I’d love to read more. On a last note, I would never speak to that maniac at the end.

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