The Mammoth Book of Cult Comics

From the back cover:
"22 Long lost masterpieces of underground comic strip art. A compelling selection of some of the very best of the genuinely underground, counter-cultural phenomenon that is CULT COMICS! What were mostly photocopied and stapled pamphlets, in short runs of anything from a couple of dozen to a few thousand issues, are collected together here in a single volume."

Features reprints of 3 Jessica of the Schoolyard comics.

The Mammoth Book of Cult Comics
Edited by Ilya - 448 pages - Black and White
ISBN 978-0-762-45468-6

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Fot Comic - Rough storyboard

I found this comic strip while digging through all the mountains of paper laying around my studio. Featuring Alex Dron's FOT and Angus character. Not sure when I drew it, I guessing it's a few years old.

Holocaust Rex and the Plague Lords of Koch

The new Holocaust Rex comic is now available at the ComicBook Factory Big Cartel shop.

Book two introduces Doctors Moresby and Stoffel as they navigate the plague infested city of Koch looking for a suspected witch. As Rex hacks and slashes his way into the city, the plague is now the least of Koch's problems...

Holocaust Rex Book Two:
The Plague Lords of Koch
32 pages - Black and White
ISBN 978-0-473-29168-6

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Faction Review

Here's a new review of the NZ comic anthology Faction at The Weekly Crisis, it covers books 1-3 and dedicates a mini-review for every contribution. This is the write up for my four page Connie Radar comic --

“Connie Radar” by Karl Wills
CeeJay: I enjoyed “Connie Radar.” I’d even go as far as to say that it’s probably the second best segment of the entire anthology. One part “Tintin,” one part “Blondie” and one part “The Thing” (at least in terms of setting),  “Radar” was longer than a few of the others but a swift read nonetheless. I liked her lo-fi cyborg sidekick as well. 
Nevin: More than any other piece in this anthology, “Connie Radar” has that Sunday comicstrip feel to it. The art style and interactions also remind me of “Blondie” but straight black and white with the coloring. This is one of the better additions to the anthology, and I’d love to read more. On a last note, I would never speak to that maniac at the end.

Read the full review of Faction comics #1-3 HERE 
You can buy Faction comics HERE

Early Bird Sales

The new comic Holocaust Rex Book Two: The Plague Lords of Koch is back from the printers and currently being assembled. It goes on-sale at the Bigcartel shop October 1st, but exclusive to readers of this blog I'm offering early copies, simply send NZD$ 12.95 via paypal to and it'll be in the post the following day. This offer includes international sales. For Book One and other comics visit the Bigcartel page HERE.

Learning Japanese with Princess Seppuku

While I was drawing the Princess Seppuku comics, I was also teaching myself to read japanese (it's hard, I quit and I've forgotten everything) and making comic strips like this to help me remember the japanese characters...

Golden Age Figurines

Golden Age Figures recently plugged my comics on their Facebook page with - "I thoroughly enjoyed both comics [Princess Seppuku and Holocaust Rex], which feature lovely art in the ligne claire style and high production values for a mini comic. The stories are funny, surreal and somewhat gruesome, reminding me a bit of Jim Woodring's Frank. If this type of comic appeals to you, please check them out and support Mr. Wills' efforts!"
 Anyone familiar with Fletcher Hanks should 'like' Golden Age Figurines, follow them on FB and buy anything that comes of their studios! Each resin figure is a beautiful detailed homage to the greatest comics of the golden age. It's a small company with very limited print runs, once they're sold they're super rare to find. In fact, I'm still looking to purchase a 'Fantomah' if anyone has one to sell...

Check out the Golden Age Figurines website HERE and on Facebook HERE

Comic Con San Diego 2014

July 23rd - 28th. I went to the San Diego Comic Con mainly to be present at the screening of  'Over the Moon', a short film I wrote featuring one of my comic book characters. The 7 minute live-action film was co-written with Timothy Kidd, directed by James Cunningham and should be online around November after it's done it's festival run. Here's a selection of photos from the trip...

Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd.

 Inside Meltdown, looking at their wall of original artwork...

And there's the art for 'Jessica Teaches the Tailor'...

 Meltdown's cabinet of Dan Clowes merchandise...

At collector Glenn Brays house looking at some original pages from the early MAD comics.

Art by L.J Jordaan

Art by Harvey Kurtzma

Union Station, Los Angeles about 6am waiting for the train to San Diego

My new buddy Donkey Kong.

Comic Con main floor... so many people!

A harem of Princess Leias.

Some rare unpublished Basil Wolverton original artwork

Outside the Hollywood Historic Hotel on Melrose Ave.
Nice hotel but in the middle of nowhere... 

Luxury Rooms

View from my hotel window...

Kingsize room, non-smoking...
The hired car, a white Chevrolet Malibu...
Heading to the convention center in San Diego.
...some people think it's not good for the soul.

 Original Kurtzman artwork for sale.
I think the asking price was in the $50,000 range

Over the Moon Festival Screening
I'm happy to see 'Over the Moon' has been selected for the New Zealand International Film Festival 2014.  17th July - 3rd August. Session dates and venues still to be announced.

Hamilton Zine Fest Photos

The Ramp Gallery had a small press exhibition on, but was closed at the time.
Mark1 comics, Hamilton
The ComicBook Factory table and behind me sat Matt Emery with his Pikitia Press comics. Matt did an excellent talk/slide-show about the 100 year history of NZ comics, and Ant Sang turned up for a couple of hours to talk to folks about his comic The Dharma Punks being reprinted as a collected graphic-novel.

The small stash of mini-comics I picked up. People by Liam B; Beats the Kangaroo 4 & 5 by Aaron Christiansen; Fungus Boy Adventures 8 by Brent Willis, The Dark Side of the Moon by louis Graham; Teen Creeps 6 by Charles Forsman(USA), Return of the Odd Bodz by a bunch of people, a sponsored exhibition booklet with interviews.

Spotted at the zinefest was this t-shirt which reminded me of one of my favorite indy comics, Raw Power by Josh Bayer. (Image is not from the comic.)

Hamilton Zinefest 2014

I'll be attending and selling my comics at the Hamilton Zinefest Saturday, May 17th. Bring your wallet.

Review for The Blighted Eye

"Bray has, over the last nearly 50 years, amassed the most eclectic collection of original comic art in private hands. The book features work by a pantheon of cartooning masters" - Publisher, Fantagraphic Books

"This is an imposing and shockingly beautiful compendium no lover of the medium could possibly ignore " - Win Wiacek for 'Now Read This' (Full review)

The Blighted Eye
Original Art From The Glenn Bray Collection
416 Pages - Full colour
ISBN 978-1606996959
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Unpublished Princess Seppuku Book 3 Panel

Since I should be posting more often, above is from a first draft for Princess Seppuku Book 03, the story was abandoned and a re-write was started, that too has been put aside, I am determined to at least get a third book out.
 I think the dialogue is guy 1 says "I'd like a pack of Lucky Strikes and a pack of triple A batteries please" and Guy 2 is asking for spare change for the bus. I'm not sure exactly.
Of course Princess Seppuku Books 01 and 02 are available (and stock is running low) HERE

Currently working on Holocaust Rex- Book 02 - Should be out sometime between now and never.