Animated Underworld #02 - Damn Kids

Huzzah! The second animated version of Kaz's Underworld cartoon finished. Go watch it HERE or just click the image.
And below is a little animated gif taken from the short...

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

My favourite photo from the gig... The Drab Doo-Riffs and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis played at the Montechristo Room, Auckland, 15th Dec. Check out more photos I took for Cheese on Toast on the website HERE.

Connie Radar Daily 030

UPDATE: I got a nice email back from NASA (well technically CICLOPS) saying "Dr. Porco thought your comic was cute."
Dr.Carolyn Porco is the leader of the Imaging Team on the Cassini mission to Saturn. ...Made my day.

Framed and Ready to Hang

Look, my friends, I was sent this photo of my paintings (nicely framed up) from their new owner.

Hotwire #3 Preview

[The following is copied from Fantagraphics Flikr page]
The Harvey and Eisner nominated anthology of action, thrills, chills and trangression is back with a third volume! Anything goes in Hotwire, eschewing literary high-mindedness for a pure, gut-wrenching viscerality that you can tune in and rest your brain on after a long day.

Hotwire the third leaps off the page from the get-go with David Sandlin’s “Infernal Combustion,” about boozing it up in a broke-down caddy, and Tim Lane’s bit of freight-hopping grit, “Spike.” Underground comics legend Mary Fleener returns with “The Judge,” a true tale about her own life fending off thugs… with a .38! Meanwhile, Hotwire Captain Glenn Head spins the biography of German surrealist Hans Bellmer as a down and out Vaudevillian in decadent Weimar Berlin. R. Sikoryak turns in a brand new batch of "Masterpiece Comics", as Dennis the Menace stars in Hamlet! Other creepy delights: Rick Altergott delivers a fable of a child-molesting clown pleasuring himself in the suburbs, while Matti Hagelberg’s “Passion of Atte” is a modern-day Dante’s Inferno of comics.

There’s also more knockout work and crazy visuals by Mark Dean Veca, Johnny (Angry Youth Comix) Ryan, Mats?!, Max Andersson, Sam Henderson, Steve Cerio, Stephane Blanquet, Doug Allen, Michael (Tales Designed to Thrizzle) Kupperman, Danny Hellman, Mack White, David Paleo, Chadwick Whitehead, Onsmith, Karl Wills and Jayr Pulga. Looking for laffs? A psychic jolt? A partner for your next trip? Look no further than… Hotwire!

138-page color/b&w 9" x 12" softcover
ISBN: 978-1-60699-288-3

In stock: December 2009 (subject to change)
In stores: December 2009 (subject to change)
[Pre-orders now but more likely in stores early 2010]

100 CLAMS Exhibition

Copied and edited from the High Seas Blog:

[The High Seas] are having a christmas show, because everyone love buying things at christmas time, right?? 40 or so contributors lovingly hand-picked, dewy fresh vine-ripened artists bursting with $100 goodness!! Gulp..
Here's a wee talent sampler to get you art salivating:
Tim Molloy, Karl Wills, Johl Dwyer, Becky & Frank, Imogen Taylor, Erin Forsyth, Boe Busch, Andy Conlan, Sam Thomas, Aleksandra Petrovic, Cinzah Merkens, Glen Leslie , Beck Wheeler , Matt Emery and tons more
The exhibition opens on the 11th of December at 6pm. Refreshments provided.

Hotwire #3 New York Exhibition

Hotwire #3 comic anthology from Fantagraphics will be out in February, I've got a 2 page Connie Radar comic inside (with colouring assistance by Shoo). As with previous issues, there will be an exhibition at the Scott Eder gallery in Dumbo; a signing party at the comic store Desert Island in Williamsburg and a live comic show at MOCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art), lower Broadway, NYC. If time and money permits, I'll be at all three.

Animated Underworld #01 - Happy Home

Hooray! The first animated version of Kaz's Underworld comic strip is now online! Click HERE or go to While you're there join the mailing list for instant notification of future episodes...

Love Hurts - Exhibition Poster

Poster to the exhibition I'll have work in. Other artists contributing are Adam Craft, Liesje, Tom McMillan, Hamish McLougham, Misery, Deus, Kelly Thompson, Sarah Larnach, Ben Stenbeck, Chris Sheehan, Steph Lusted, Seth Wood and Sarah Florence. No idea who did this great poster, it'll be up around Auckland a week before the show...

Telecom Advert

Here's the new Telecom advert I helped out with at Watermark...

Devil Painting

It took awhile but I've finally finished this commissioned painting. I think I might put it on t-shirts and cups. More Connie Radar dailies soon, just wrapping up some other projects...

Muay Thai Photography

Not exactly comic book related but something else I like to do when the opportunity presents itself. I was asked to photograph a kickboxing event on Saturday at the ABA stadium in Auckland, here's my favourite pic from the evening. This was taken towards the end of the second round, he was beaten to exhaustion and was obvious (even to him) he wouldn't last the next round...
More photos HERE

Connie Radar Sunday Funnies 04

Connie may have got a couple of facts wrong, see if you can figure out her mistakes...

Connie Radar Daily 019

Ford Posters

You may have seen these Ford posters around town, I drew the artwork for The Craftshop who made them colourful and super slick. I didn't know much about Roy Lichtenstein before (other than he swipes comic book panels and turns them into 'high' art) but after studying some of the source books for reference, the guy was really onto something,I'm now a fan. I also saw the adverts in Time magazine this morning so from now on I'll be saying "I was in Time Magazine", sorry in advance.

Flip Book 2 - This Evening

Tonight is Flip Book 2, an evening of animation at Fordes Bar 7pm. Mr Gasalaska Makes a Friend should be playing alongside a bunch of other great local made shorts, see you there!

Original Art for Sale

This tasteless picture is a revised version of a gag cartoon I did about 15 years ago in Uncle Charlies Cartoon Revue.125mm x 97mm; ink on paper; USD$100. If you'd like to own the original artwork send an email to

Connie Radar Daily 011

Drawing this one I made a few mistakes but hopefully you won't notice where... I patched up the errors in photoshop. This story will go till Friday so don't forget to come back every day for an update.

Connie Radar Daily 005

Connie has made another mistake here, can you guess what it is?