Postage Prices Reduced

Good news cheapskates! Postage for all my comics have been reduced by a few dollars (now being sent as 'letters' instead of 'parcels'). Within NZD$3.00, outside NZD$4.00. Empty your wallets here:

The Chaos Monsters

The new The Chaos Monsters comic is now available at the ComicBook Factory Big Cartel shop.

World war 2 comic about a lone tank crew that sets out into enemy territory on a top secret mission. Action-packed speculative fiction.

The Chaos Monsters Book One
NZD$ 9.95 + pp
32 pages - Colour (two tone)
ISBN 978-0-473-39817-0

Click HERE to visit the shop

New Pin-Back Badge

'Jessica of the Schoolyard' (aka 'Boss girl Jessica', aka 'Bitch Jessica') pin-back badge #2 (of 6) is now available from The ComicBook Factory webstore

World's Best at Everything Pin-Back Button
NZ$ 4.95 + pp
32mm Metal and plastic
Available HERE

Comic Book Spotting in the Wild

There's a cafe/shop in northern Japan called Amexica that has a selection of comic books (including Princess Seppuku and Boss Girl Jessica) from Toge no Jizo Press. Thank you Amexica!
7-12 Matsukazecho Hakodate
Hokkaido Japan 040-0035
Website: Amexica

And here's Mangasick in Taipei displaying Jessica mini-comics. Thank you Mangasick!

100, Taiwan, Taipei City,
Zhongzheng District,
Alley 10, Lane 244,
Section 3, Luosifu Road, 2號

Karate Beat Off & Pig Plops Clean Up

I've created a couple more arcade games (still unfinished). Karate Beat Off, where you get to test your karate skills in a three round tournament with AI controlled opponent. Working on a 2 player version and finishing background. Control your guy with the arrow keys: left, right and up to attack.
Click HERE to play Karate Beat Off
Pig Plops Clean Up is a farm sim where you pick up pig shit while trying to avoid being bitten by your hogs. Grab the shotgun and blast a few if you want to advance forward, multiplying the pigs and making the game an even greater challenge. Arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot.
Click HERE to play Pig Plops Clean Up

For all the other games click on the ComicBook Factory Arcade link to the left

Upcoming Comic and Knuckles the Nun

Here's a sample panel from my new comic, coming out soon(ish) and an animated version of the iconic Knuckles the Nun (© Cornelius Stone & Roger Langridge).

Old and New

Copies of Jessica's Good Deed are available (first published in 2001) again with re-prints of the rest of the series coming, purchase it and other comics HERE. I'm working on a couple of new comic stories, some potential animated projects and stupid fun stuff on Instagram...

 Robots and laser guns from a new sci-fi comic coming

Oooh la la, new 'Art' on Instagram