Connie Radar - Late but Finished

Coloured and completed. Better start another one... oh oh and big thanks for colour assistance from super talent Shoo! Go look at her blog now...

Connie Radar - Last Frame

One year later and I've finally completed the pencils and inks for a new 2 page comic strip, it doesn't sound like much but I'm doing 15 panels a page here (and it's meticulously inked). Now I just need to get this thing coloured...

Connie Radar - Update

The 2 page comic strip for Hot Wire #3 (Fantagraphics) is almost done now (already on borrowed time), a few panels to ink and colour. Also in the works a new publication titled On the Origin of Drawings will be ready very soon, only 50 copies will be printed and available through this site, put your name down for one now. It will be very expensive and small.

FOT Sweeps the Oscars

Alex Dron's animated short 'FOT- the next big thing' has won best comedy short and collected their "Golden Flamingo' at the South Beach International Animation Festival. Did I mention I was a writer on that?

Los Angeles - Final Photo Post

The Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory, the polluted air helps filter any good lighting out of photographing anything at a distance.

I thought it was cool to see the house where they filmed Six Feet Under.

Pretty grumpy that we arrived just a little too late to eat at Dr.Hogly Wogly's BBQ resturant. If there's a better named resturant anywhere in the world I've never heard it.

A "siesta" in the shaded doorway of Klasky - Csupo, a famous animation studio that made Rugrats and Duckman

The incredibly cool Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax, part owned by cartoonist Sammy Harkham.

Another favourite tourist destination, the La Brea Tar Pits.

Los Angeles - Squeeze the Lemon

LA has been lot's of fun for the most part, lot's of sight seeing and shopping. Above is me driving the Batmobile at the Skirball (a Jewish arts and cultural center), they had a great exhibition about the Golden Age of comic books on, lot's of original artwork on display.
"Squeeze the lemon" means, while driving, to just make it through a yellow light before it turns red... I also got my first ever traffic ticket here.