Connie Radar Sunday Funnies 04

Connie may have got a couple of facts wrong, see if you can figure out her mistakes...

Connie Radar Daily 019

Ford Posters

You may have seen these Ford posters around town, I drew the artwork for The Craftshop who made them colourful and super slick. I didn't know much about Roy Lichtenstein before (other than he swipes comic book panels and turns them into 'high' art) but after studying some of the source books for reference, the guy was really onto something,I'm now a fan. I also saw the adverts in Time magazine this morning so from now on I'll be saying "I was in Time Magazine", sorry in advance.

Flip Book 2 - This Evening

Tonight is Flip Book 2, an evening of animation at Fordes Bar 7pm. Mr Gasalaska Makes a Friend should be playing alongside a bunch of other great local made shorts, see you there!

Original Art for Sale

This tasteless picture is a revised version of a gag cartoon I did about 15 years ago in Uncle Charlies Cartoon Revue.125mm x 97mm; ink on paper; USD$100. If you'd like to own the original artwork send an email to

Connie Radar Daily 011

Drawing this one I made a few mistakes but hopefully you won't notice where... I patched up the errors in photoshop. This story will go till Friday so don't forget to come back every day for an update.

Connie Radar Daily 005

Connie has made another mistake here, can you guess what it is?