Oh, Pussycat!

German sci-fi website Die Zukunft (The Future) plugs the Connie Radar short Over the Moon.
Here's the article translated through google:

[Oh, Pussycat
"Over the Moon" - The first moon landing (as it really was!)
by Bernd Kronsbein
Reading time: 1 min.

Everything was completely different! Already in 1957, entered Connie radar the moon. Twelve years later, the lords of creation also came with a shaky rocket is injected - what Connie and her pal Julius sheet does not fit. What happens then is wonderfully amusing, not to say: screamingly funny!

James Cunningham has the short film "Over the Moon" made in 2013 - based on the short-lived Webcomic by Karl Wills - but the seven minutes have lost none of its charm. Beautiful Sunday movie!

Source: Die Zukunft Oh, Pussycat!

Collected Comic Coming

Finally something worth mentioning, a complete collection of Jessica of the Schoolyard (12 mini-comics) and Princess Seppuku (2 mini-comics) is being published overseas as a 96 page book. I'm currently working on the front cover and will post some more detailed information about the book soon. The image above is from an unfinished third Princess Seppuku mini-comic (no idea if I've posted it before).