Hamilton Zinefest 2014


I'll be attending and selling my comics at the Hamilton Zinefest Saturday, May 17th. Bring your wallet.

Review for The Blighted Eye

"Bray has, over the last nearly 50 years, amassed the most eclectic collection of original comic art in private hands. The book features work by a pantheon of cartooning masters" - Publisher, Fantagraphic Books

"This is an imposing and shockingly beautiful compendium no lover of the medium could possibly ignore " - Win Wiacek for 'Now Read This' (Full review)

The Blighted Eye
Original Art From The Glenn Bray Collection
416 Pages - Full colour
ISBN 978-1606996959
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Unpublished Princess Seppuku Book 3 Panel

Since I should be posting more often, above is from a first draft for Princess Seppuku Book 03, the story was abandoned and a re-write was started, that too has been put aside, I am determined to at least get a third book out.
 I think the dialogue is guy 1 says "I'd like a pack of Lucky Strikes and a pack of triple A batteries please" and Guy 2 is asking for spare change for the bus. I'm not sure exactly.
Of course Princess Seppuku Books 01 and 02 are available (and stock is running low) HERE

Currently working on Holocaust Rex- Book 02 - Should be out sometime between now and never.

Reviews of Treasury of Mini-Comics Vol.1

"...the book stands as a remarkable repository of modern art." - Publishers Weekly
"...a meaty, entertaining volume." - Robert Boyd, The Great God Pan is Dead

This big little book (over 800 pages) came out October last year and included some of my comic work. Here are some reviews - The Comics Journal HERE The Publishers Weekly HERE The Great God Pan is Dead HERE The Poopsheet Foundation HERE

Volume two should be available January 2015.

Treasury of Mini Comics - Volume One
Edited by Michael Dowers - 848 Pages
Black & white with some color
ISBN 978-1-60699-657-7
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