New York - Final Post

This post is incomplete, I'll add more soon...

More New York

Outside the New York stock exchange...

From last nights HUMBUG talk at the Strand. The camera I had always shoots out an orange beam for light detection, this isn't a good idea when your subject is 20 feet away, it's dark and there are about 50 people wondering what the hell that is. I only got the one photo. Was an interesting event, it's always good to hear even these top illustrator/cartoonists struggle to balance art and commerce.

A friendly panda near Wall St. he didn't even seem to be selling anything or promoting anything, just a guy dressed in a panda suit.

Chinatown has the best crap in town. My $5 umbrella felt like light aluminium and regretted the purchase minutes after the 'bargain'.

The bumper stick reads $10,000 Reward for arrest and conviction of shooting a police officer. 1-800-COPSHOT to report it!

Cartoon kids on the back of an ice cream van, it's now freezing cold and very wet. The picture presents the exact opposite of what I'm seeing on the faces of people here and I think it has nothing to do with the weather.

New York - Street Graphics

New York is cold but not that cold, it's comfortable to walk around without a scarf or gloves. There are lot's of great street graphics everywhere, and will get photos of the better, more interesting ones I can find.
Tonight there's a talk to promote the release of the collected HUMBUG at The Strand book store with Al Jaffe, Arnold Roth and Gary Groth. No doubt there'll be a bunch of NY cartoonists/comic book artists there.
Today's important events consist of making phone calls to set up meeting for the rest of the week, followed by lots more wondering around. No much to report really, just seeing wall to wall concrete, drinking lot's of coffee and looking in books stores, just like home.
Stopped in a park to watch squirrels (we don't have squirrels in NZ) chasing each other and searching around for food, the little bastards are hard to photograph, they'll either turn their back to you or run fast enough in the opposite direction to get a furry blur, but they are super cute!


A rough sketch for our Dutch intern... why do I like drawing fat people so much?