Ethel Mania - Title Sequence


Here's another one from the archives, the title sequence from Ethel Mania another project that wound up on the shelf to complete 'at a later date'. The theme music was done by the talented Katy Cable

Connie Radar - Character Roughs

Some rough character drawings done last night for panels 11 and 12. Guns, chicks and robots, how can the story fail?

Connie Radar - Rocketship panel

Here we have a new panel from the current Connie Radar comic strip I'm working on. I swiped most of elements from a serious book about space exploration printed in the 50's.

Jessica and the Jawbreakers - Alternative Ending

Look what I found in the ComicBook Factory archives! The alternate ending to the first Jessica & the Jawbreakers comic strip. After spending weeks doing numerous re-writes of the dialogue, the entire panel was scrapped and replaced with the vastly superior exisiting one (it can be seen on the VICE magazine website HERE)