Connie Radar Daily 001

Connie made a mistake, JFK was killed in 1963 NOT 1968!

New Website Design

Hello, my friends, here's something I've been meaning to do for you for ages, I've gutted my entire website and will be rebuilding it from scratch. Most of the Jessia stuff is sold out now and little chance of reprinting it anytime soon, there may be a box set at the end of the year. As I'm still putting the site together all sorts of errors and oversights will be present, please check it out and if you notice anything wrong let me know. Please ignore the obvious stuff, dead links everywhere! The center piece animation has a file size that's way too big, around 500MB, considering it's just a slide show with 3 pictures. They layout looks fine on my monitor but I'm guessing not everyone has big fancy screen like me, so if the site is too big and you have to slide the bottom to see what's on the right let me know (also what's your screen specs?).
If you live in Auckland, go check out a new gallery called The High Seas, there's ton's of indy comics, indy music, Buenaventura Press, Fantagraphics books, and currently some nice new illustration on exhibition, here's the website link! Actually there's not much to look at, just a picture of a pirate ship but here's the address 14 Beresford Square, Auckland.