Jessica and the Jawbreakers Button #2

Look what I have made for you! Another Jessica and the Jawbreakers pin-back button, this one based on the album cover. A friend of mine wore this to a party and everyone asked her where she got it but she wouldn't tell them so they stole it from her and now I'm not talking to her because she refused to send customers to me. Click HERE to buy something that people will steal from you.

Jessica and the Jawbreakers

At long last, special edition Jessica and the Jawbreakers book #13 is now finished and being shipped out. But you'll have to wait 'til June before it's in the stores, those wise investors that reserved copies are enjoying their comic/CD right now.

Teenage misanthrope Jessica Flowers and her teenage friends form a "pop" band, comedy ensues. Includes audio CD, samples available at the Jessica and the Jawbreakers myspace page HERE. The best book yet! Available June 2007. Limited supply!