New Pin-Back Badge

'Jessica of the Schoolyard' (aka 'Boss girl Jessica', aka 'Bitch Jessica') pin-back badge #2 (of 6) is now available from The ComicBook Factory webstore

World's Best at Everything Pin-Back Button
NZ$ 4.95 + pp
32mm Metal and plastic
Available HERE

Comic Book Spotting in the Wild

There's a cafe/shop in northern Japan called Amexica that has a selection of comic books (including Princess Seppuku and Boss Girl Jessica) from Toge no Jizo Press. Thank you Amexica!
7-12 Matsukazecho Hakodate
Hokkaido Japan 040-0035
Website: Amexica

And here's Mangasick in Taipei displaying Jessica mini-comics. Thank you Mangasick!

100, Taiwan, Taipei City,
Zhongzheng District,
Alley 10, Lane 244,
Section 3, Luosifu Road, 2號