Auckland Armageddon Expo 2010

Here's a bunch of photos I took this weekend and the annual pop-culture convention "Armageddon"

FOT on Radiradirah

The first episode of Radiradirah went on air a few days ago, amongst the sketches was the animated cartoon FOT, created by Alex Dron co-written with myself and voiced by Rhys Darby. Seven more episodes to go... Hope they're as much fun to watch as they are to make! - Friday TV3 9:30pm
The FOT fan page on Facebook has exclusive rejected scenes and other goodies, so join up!

Click HERE for Radiradirah S1EP1
Click HERE for the FOT Fan Page on Facebook

ComicBook Factory T-shirts

Look what I have made for you! Just setting up a t-shirt shop with Spreadshirt... will post updates soon. Buy one and help keep the wolves form the ComicBook Factory door! Here's the LINK

Animated Underworld #5 - Tough Bar

My friends, look what I have made just for you! Another animated short from the comic strip Underworld by KAZ. This is the first to feature Snuff and Creep (voiced by KAZ!) More animation soon...

Time Machine

Finished this today... an authentic working time machine (or "clock" as some people like to call them). Still working out some of the bugs, the hands seem to get locked up sometimes, and I have to swot it ever now and then to restart the seconds hand, but apart from that, works like a treat. I'll post a few more of the details soon, the face is a timeline of the universe from big bang to the big rip (one of my favourite ideas proposed for the end of everything), 35 billion years divided up into 12 hours. If they prove popular I'll try and make more to sell.

Animated Underworld #4 - Ducky Ducky

We've completed another Underworld animation for you to enjoy (click the picture). Watch it, share it, let me know what you think.

I think I'll be in Wellington next weekend with a BRAND NEW ComicBook Factory product to exchange for your money, you won't want to miss out on this! We'll talk about it later, ok...

Space Baboons

This is the back cover to the second book, long way from being published. I'd also consider it a first draft. It's almost unreadable but the small print at the very bottom reads No Refunds. It is CRSR Laboratories policy that all ex-research animals are sold "as is".
UPDATE: I know about the grammatical error "not limited", thank you.

Living the Dream

Gary Panter, Kaz Prapuolenis, Reg Mombassa, STephen Bliss, Yuri Shimojo, Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Roy Galloway, Bill Moulton, John Tymkiw, John Hobbs, Chris Capuozzo, Ted McGrath, Matt Campbell, Karl Wills & Marcus Oakley.

Opening reception: Saturday March 27th, 7 - 10pm. Wed to Sat 3 - 8pm March 27 through April 17, 2010. 93 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003. Subway: F Train to 2nd Avenue 212 777 7988

Featured artwork - Travis Millard. Ltd logo - Stephen Jay Rayon. Curated by Matt Campbell

New Connie Radar Daily Blog

I have started a new blog just for the Connie Radar Dailies. Click the comic or click HERE to view, bookmark the page or become a follower of the blog. New comic every day except Saturdays... I guess I'll transfer the older ones across to archive. Hope you enjoy them, feedback welcome!

Hotwire Exhibition Tonight (New York)

From the Press Release:

Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC - February 12th: opening reception 6-9pm and continuing to March 31st, 2010 - Scott Eder Gallery

BROOKLYN, February 12, 2010- HOTWIRE #3 features a dynamic selection of artwork from the upcoming all-new third volume of Hotwire Comics! Following the success of last year's Hotwire #2 show, this seminal show features paintings, works on paper in all media from some of the heaviest hitters in the alternative comix scene, including Tim Lane, David Sandlin, Glenn Head, Mark Dean Veca, Danny Hellman, Jayr Pulga, Mary Fleener, Karl Wills, R. Sikoryak, Sam Henderson, Mats?!, Rick Altergott, Chadwick Whitehead. The opening of the show is timed to coincide with the release of the brand-new volume of Hotwire Comics. Hotwire #3 is currently on view at 18 Bridge St., DUMBO, Brooklyn until March 31, 2010.

The Harvey- and Eisner-nominated anthology of action, thrills, chills and transgression is back with a third volume! Anything goes in Hotwire, eschewing literary high-mindedness for a pure, gut-wrenching viscerality that you can tune in and rest your brain on after a long day.

Opening party Friday night, Feb. 12th, from 6pm-9pm

Join us to celebrate the Hotwire #3 group show featuring the great selection of paintings, ink drawings and works in graphite.

About Scott Eder Gallery
Established in August, 2007 as a venue for bringing comic book art creators into a fine art context and gallery setting, Scott Eder has been dealing and exhibiting original comic book art at festivals and museums in the U.S. and throughout Europe (France, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands) for over 15 years. All show info at

Animated Underworld #03 - Marvin the Human Bong

Click HERE (or click the picture) to watch the latest Underworld animation. It's subtle but listen to the great Velvet Underground inspired psychedelic background music supplied by David Kilgour.
After you've enjoyed watching it join the mailing list for instant notification of future episodes...

New Jessica Tattoo Discovered

On my recent trip to Wellington I was pleased to discover someone with this Jessica of the Schoolyard tattoo, he'd never read the comic but a friend of his had the image lying around and tattoo gun. The image is originally from an early comic strip that appeared in Lava magazine. I'll post it if I can find it.

Julius in the Lab

Here's some artwork from the back cover of the upcoming Connie Radar comic book. No due date...

Fot - Part 3

This is the SECOND animated Fot that has been edited into shorter versions (this being part 3 of #2, all of #1 is HERE and parts 1 and 2 of #2 can be found HERE). For those not familiar with FOT, it's an animated short by Alex Dron and voice by Rhys Darby, I helped out with the writing and made the odd suggestion here and there.
New episodes are looking likely for an upcoming sketch comedy show called RadiRadiRah.

New Daily City Photography Blog

Thought I'd plug my new daily photo blog. This one will, of course, stay active for all The ComicBook Factory comics and animation news... have a great 2010 everyone!