Karate Beat Off & Pig Plops Clean Up

I've created a couple more arcade games (still unfinished). Karate Beat Off, where you get to test your karate skills in a three round tournament with AI controlled opponent. Working on a 2 player version and finishing background. Control your guy with the arrow keys: left, right and up to attack.
Click HERE to play Karate Beat Off
Pig Plops Clean Up is a farm sim where you pick up pig shit while trying to avoid being bitten by your hogs. Grab the shotgun and blast a few if you want to advance forward, multiplying the pigs and making the game an even greater challenge. Arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot.
Click HERE to play Pig Plops Clean Up

For all the other games click on the ComicBook Factory Arcade link to the left

Upcoming Comic and Knuckles the Nun

Here's a sample panel from my new comic, coming out soon(ish) and an animated version of the iconic Knuckles the Nun (© Cornelius Stone & Roger Langridge).

Old and New

Copies of Jessica's Good Deed are available (first published in 2001) again with re-prints of the rest of the series coming, purchase it and other comics HERE. I'm working on a couple of new comic stories, some potential animated projects and stupid fun stuff on Instagram...

 Robots and laser guns from a new sci-fi comic coming

Oooh la la, new 'Art' on Instagram

切腹姫とスケ番ジェシカ - Princess Seppuku and Boss Girl Jessica

Toge no Jizo Publishing has created a beautiful 96 page book collecting Princess Seppuku (2 mini-comics) and Jessica of the Schoolyard (12 mini-comics, note "Jessica of the Schoolyard" didn't translate well into japanese hence the slightly different  and I think slightly better "Boss Girl Jessica"). There's new cover art and a free postcard. Buy it directly from the publisher (if you can read japanese) HERE or from The ComicBook Factory shop HERE. I only have a few copies so grab one while you can... 日本語を練習する必要があります!

Princess Seppuku and Boss Girl Jessica
96 pages - Japanese - Black and White
ISBN 978-4-990-53454-7

Click HERE to visit the shop

Cartoon Signs in Japan part 2

Moving van (I think) seen in Shinjuku

 Singing sheep promoting food at an event near Yoyogi park

Something about earthquakes being dangerous, seen outside a construction site in Shinjuku

 An excellent example of 'suicide food' on a resturant sign, Shinjuku

  I think this one was on the side of an electrical box on the footpath (Kyoto). He's telling you to not play on it.
  A sign next to a covered car, Kyoto. Barrier to stop dogs, ice skaters and wild board from peeing on your car tire? Just a guess...

  Sign promoting the aquarium, Miyajima

Construction site sign next to the "floating" torii gate at Miyajima.

District mascots from around Japan? Not sure. Another one near Yoyogi park.

Cartoon Signs In Japan - Part 1

Here's a few photos from my trip to Japan. There are cute cartoon characters on almost everything, and they're everywhere... 
I spotted this electric salamander mascot for a power company in Nishiogikubo.

Lots of warning signs about the dangers of using cell phones near train tracks.

A sign at Himeji Castle (see above also). This one is offering guides to show you around for ¥2000 (NZD$30).

In Kyoto, don't run over any kids playing in the area.

A very cool poster outside the pop-culture megastore Mandarake, Nakano Broadway.

Outside the Nakano train station, the bird is saying he doesn't want to be fed (such lies.)

Stop hustling customers into your bars in Shinjuku.

Please clean up after your dog makes a mess in Kyoto.

Shinjuku, no smoking in public (I think).
More to come... 

Oh, Pussycat!

German sci-fi website Die Zukunft (The Future) plugs the Connie Radar short Over the Moon.
Here's the article translated through google:

[Oh, Pussycat
"Over the Moon" - The first moon landing (as it really was!)
by Bernd Kronsbein
Reading time: 1 min.

Everything was completely different! Already in 1957, entered Connie radar the moon. Twelve years later, the lords of creation also came with a shaky rocket is injected - what Connie and her pal Julius sheet does not fit. What happens then is wonderfully amusing, not to say: screamingly funny!

James Cunningham has the short film "Over the Moon" made in 2013 - based on the short-lived Webcomic by Karl Wills - but the seven minutes have lost none of its charm. Beautiful Sunday movie!

Source: Die Zukunft Oh, Pussycat!

Princess Seppuku Postcard Artwork

Promotional postcard that comes with the new anthology.

Collected Comic Coming

Finally something worth mentioning, a complete collection of Jessica of the Schoolyard (12 mini-comics) and Princess Seppuku (2 mini-comics) is being published overseas as a 96 page book. I'm currently working on the front cover and will post some more detailed information about the book soon. The image above is from an unfinished third Princess Seppuku mini-comic (no idea if I've posted it before).

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 006

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011). Rough pencil outline...

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 005

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011). Rough pencil outline...

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 004

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011). Rough pencil outline...

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 003

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011). Rough pencil outline...

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 002

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011). Rough pencil outline...

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 001

I'm on the last couple of episodes story boarding The Barefoot Bandits, so unfortunately no time for any (labor intensive) comic book work, however, I have started sorting through a large stack of paper that's been slowly accumulating over the years. It's mostly rough sketches and abandoned story outlines...

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011)