Unpublished Princess Seppuku Book 3 Panel

Since I should be posting more often, above is from a first draft for Princess Seppuku Book 03, the story was abandoned and a re-write was started, that too has been put aside, I am determined to at least get a third book out.
 I think the dialogue is guy 1 says "I'd like a pack of Lucky Strikes and a pack of triple A batteries please" and Guy 2 is asking for spare change for the bus. I'm not sure exactly.
Of course Princess Seppuku Books 01 and 02 are available (and stock is running low) HERE

Currently working on Holocaust Rex- Book 02 - Should be out sometime between now and never.

Reviews of Treasury of Mini-Comics Vol.1

"...the book stands as a remarkable repository of modern art." - Publishers Weekly
"...a meaty, entertaining volume." - Robert Boyd, The Great God Pan is Dead

This big little book (over 800 pages) came out October last year and included some of my comic work. Here are some reviews - The Comics Journal HERE The Publishers Weekly HERE The Great God Pan is Dead HERE The Poopsheet Foundation HERE

Volume two should be available January 2015.

Treasury of Mini Comics - Volume One
Edited by Michael Dowers - 848 Pages
Black & white with some color
ISBN 978-1-60699-657-7
Click HERE to visit the Fantagraphics shop

Princess Seppuku - Early Story Board

Here's a storyboard page showing a slightly different version of the bear fight from Princess Seppuku and the Hunt for Robot-X (available HERE). In this version shes tears the bears head off and searches inside the body like it's a cookie jar. Panel 6 and 7 are in the wrong order, note the arrow.

Holocaust Rex at the Cursed Gates of Koch
 The new comic by myself and Tim Kidd is finished. It's available here at the new Comic Book Factory Big Cartel shop. Medieval fantasy adventure!

Holocaust Rex Book One:
At the Cursed Gates of Koch
32 pages - Black and White
ISBN 978-0-473-27506-8

Click HERE to visit the shop

The Blighted Eye

A new book showcasing the collection of Glenn Bray's origin comic book art features some pages by me (including the inside title page shown above). I've been fortunate enough to see the collection in person and, by god, it's impressive! So many iconic pages by R.Crumb, Will Elder and even some original Krazy Kat. The collection is huge and so is this book at 400 pages plus. Front cover by Dutch cartoonist Peter Pontiac, I haven't seen much by him translated to english but his drawings are exquisite. Here's the link to Amazon for more details The Blighted Eye

What Else?
The new comic created with Tim Kidd has just come back from the printers, so I'll be putting that together and making it available very soon. And another round of discussions to create more Fot and Angus is looking positive...

Over The Moon - Trailer

The Connie Radar short should be online soon...

As with the short film, I've again been working with Tim Kidd, this time on a new comic book series. It's gone to the printers today and will be in the shop in a couple of weeks. Sword and sandal fantasy fiction. Here's a page sample from book one 'At the Cursed Gates of Koch'

Over The Moon - Teaser

The first teaser trailer to Media Design Schools Connie Radar short 'Over the Moon' has been posted to Vimeo, here's the link
And here's the poster - - 

Princess Seppuku Test Animation

A sample from a work in progress animation test, it sucks slightly less than when I last worked on it about 3 months ago. Might be finished around August 2023...

Brief Project Updates

A few days off from my day job and I've finally started Princess Seppuku book 3, currently on page 4 (of 32), if I was optimistic (which I'm not) I'd say it will be finished in about two months, no title yet.
I'm running low on comic stock which is great and thanks to everyone whose purchased them, I'm hoping to sell the remaining ones at the Auckland Zinefest (link) Sat. 27th July Alleyua café, St Kevin's Arcade.

More FOT animation is still being discussed and considered.

The live action Connie Radar short film is also due in about two months.

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #79

Princess Seppuku in the Lower Depths gets a nice write up in Nick Gazin's latest round of comic book reviews courtesy of VICE magazine.

Here's the link Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #79

Treasury of Mini Comics Volume One

Coming in June 2013 Treasury of Mini Comics Volume One edited by Michael Dowers in which there'll be a few Jessica of the Schoolyard reprints included, I forget which ones. Check out the list of contributors to this one: Ron Regé Jr., David Lee Ingersoll, Matt Feazell, Molly Kiely, Carrie McNinch, Fiona Smyth, Mark J. Palm, Peter Thompson, David Lasky, Jim Woodring, Colin Upton, Marc Bell, Nate Beatty, Ronald Russell Roach, Leonard Rifas, Justin Green, Gary Arlington, Brad Johnson, Eric Reynolds, Travis Millard, Tim Corrigan, Kelly Froh, Max Clotfelter, Mark Campos, Andy Singer, Lilli Loge, Noah Van Sciver, Chris Cilla, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Onsmith, Leela Corman, Steve Willis, Laura Wada, John Porcellino, Tom Hart, Jeffrey Brown, Roberta Gregory, Pat Moriarity, Edd Vick, David Heatley, and many more.

Order it from Amazon HERE

Faction Comics

I should have posted this awhile ago, but the first issue of the New Zealand comic anthology Faction is out and there's a brand new four page Connie Radar comic by me inside. It's a great anthology, full colour for the most part and all very good stories too. Greg Broadmore's front cover is worth the price alone. Contributors include Jonathan King, Damon Keen, Roger Langridge, Lauren Marriot (who drew my favourite story in the book), Matt Emery, Ned Wenlock, Ant Sang and others... No.2 is in the works so if you're a New Zealand cartoonist and want some exposure this is one of the best venues for it.

Faction Comics website is HERE

Wow Cool Distribution

Princess Seppuku is currently being distributed in the US by the mega distro site Wow Cool, (and through selected stores). If you're looking to buy a copy of Robot-X or The Lower Depths and you're looking for a discount, this is the place to get it. There's a huge collection of great alternative and underground comics, the  only way to save the economy is by spending up large.

Link to Wow Cool's blog
Link to Wow Cool shop

Pippa Creme Commissioned Art

This Pippa Creme cartoon was commissioned by the creator Dexter Cockburn, go check out other versions of his big boobed heroine by notably cartoonists HERE with Johnny Ryan's one being an outstanding masterpiece!

Princess Seppuku Walk Cycle Test

Post #200! Here's a walk cycle test (with an emphasis on test) I made about a year ago, the design is slightly different to the current Princess Seppuku, the cape is too short, the sword should be on her left hip and their should be a cord attached from her belt, the hair pins are also too long, I also think her head is too big. I tried making an animated GIF version but it came out all chunky and shitty, but it's on my tumblr blog if you want to take a look and providing this Flash version works you should be able to see it above. It's all in an effort to produce an animated Princess Seppuku short.

2012 Round Up

Pikitia Press has been interviewing Australian and New Zealand cartoonists about how their 2012 went and what to look forward to next year. My interview is HERE. It's a great little series, read them all.