Cartoon Signs in Japan part 2

Moving van (I think) seen in Shinjuku

 Singing sheep promoting food at an event near Yoyogi park

Something about earthquakes being dangerous, seen outside a construction site in Shinjuku

 An excellent example of 'suicide food' on a resturant sign, Shinjuku

  I think this one was on the side of an electrical box on the footpath (Kyoto). He's telling you to not play on it.
  A sign next to a covered car, Kyoto. Barrier to stop dogs, ice skaters and wild board from peeing on your car tire? Just a guess...

  Sign promoting the aquarium, Miyajima

Construction site sign next to the "floating" torii gate at Miyajima.

District mascots from around Japan? Not sure. Another one near Yoyogi park.

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