Oh, Pussycat!

German sci-fi website Die Zukunft (The Future) plugs the Connie Radar short Over the Moon.
Here's the article translated through google:

[Oh, Pussycat
"Over the Moon" - The first moon landing (as it really was!)
by Bernd Kronsbein
Reading time: 1 min.

Everything was completely different! Already in 1957, entered Connie radar the moon. Twelve years later, the lords of creation also came with a shaky rocket is injected - what Connie and her pal Julius sheet does not fit. What happens then is wonderfully amusing, not to say: screamingly funny!

James Cunningham has the short film "Over the Moon" made in 2013 - based on the short-lived Webcomic by Karl Wills - but the seven minutes have lost none of its charm. Beautiful Sunday movie!

Source: Die Zukunft Oh, Pussycat!

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