Hamilton Zine Fest Photos

The Ramp Gallery had a small press exhibition on, but was closed at the time.
Mark1 comics, Hamilton
The ComicBook Factory table and behind me sat Matt Emery with his Pikitia Press comics. Matt did an excellent talk/slide-show about the 100 year history of NZ comics, and Ant Sang turned up for a couple of hours to talk to folks about his comic The Dharma Punks being reprinted as a collected graphic-novel.

The small stash of mini-comics I picked up. People by Liam B; Beats the Kangaroo 4 & 5 by Aaron Christiansen; Fungus Boy Adventures 8 by Brent Willis, The Dark Side of the Moon by louis Graham; Teen Creeps 6 by Charles Forsman(USA), Return of the Odd Bodz by a bunch of people, a sponsored exhibition booklet with interviews.

Spotted at the zinefest was this t-shirt which reminded me of one of my favorite indy comics, Raw Power by Josh Bayer. (Image is not from the comic.)

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