The Blighted Eye

A new book showcasing the collection of Glenn Bray's origin comic book art features some pages by me (including the inside title page shown above). I've been fortunate enough to see the collection in person and, by god, it's impressive! So many iconic pages by R.Crumb, Will Elder and even some original Krazy Kat. The collection is huge and so is this book at 400 pages plus. Front cover by Dutch cartoonist Peter Pontiac, I haven't seen much by him translated to english but his drawings are exquisite. Here's the link to Amazon for more details The Blighted Eye

What Else?
The new comic created with Tim Kidd has just come back from the printers, so I'll be putting that together and making it available very soon. And another round of discussions to create more Fot and Angus is looking positive...

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