Treasury of Mini Comics Volume One

Coming in June 2013 Treasury of Mini Comics Volume One edited by Michael Dowers in which there'll be a few Jessica of the Schoolyard reprints included, I forget which ones. Check out the list of contributors to this one: Ron Regé Jr., David Lee Ingersoll, Matt Feazell, Molly Kiely, Carrie McNinch, Fiona Smyth, Mark J. Palm, Peter Thompson, David Lasky, Jim Woodring, Colin Upton, Marc Bell, Nate Beatty, Ronald Russell Roach, Leonard Rifas, Justin Green, Gary Arlington, Brad Johnson, Eric Reynolds, Travis Millard, Tim Corrigan, Kelly Froh, Max Clotfelter, Mark Campos, Andy Singer, Lilli Loge, Noah Van Sciver, Chris Cilla, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Onsmith, Leela Corman, Steve Willis, Laura Wada, John Porcellino, Tom Hart, Jeffrey Brown, Roberta Gregory, Pat Moriarity, Edd Vick, David Heatley, and many more.

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